A Wabush woman whose son died in Afghanistan says people should make a special effort of remembrance on Sunday.


Kevin Kennedy of Wabush was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan in 2007.

Kay Kennedy's son Kevin, 20, was one of six Canadian soldiers killed in a roadside bomb blast in 2007.

She will lay a wreath in honour of her son during a ceremony at the cenotaph in Wabush.

Kennedy is encouraging everyone across the province to participate in Remembrance Day ceremonies.

"I feel that people that can get out, should take it upon themselves and say, 'hey, for one hour, why not?'" Kennedy said.

"Our soldiers were in trenches, and I mean look at what they went through. I think people should make an effort and get out and honour our soldiers."

She says she was in shock for a year after her son was killed on Easter Sunday five years ago.

She later felt anger about what happened, but says time has erased some of those feelings.

"The bitterness is gone -- thank God for that," Kennedy said.

"But the loneliness will never, ever, ever go away for Kevin. My heart is broken and it will never be mended."