Police are investigating some unusual cases of highway robbery near St. John's, as drivers are reporting that tailgates are being stolen from their pickup trucks.  

The thefts are happening mostly in makeshift highway parking lots such as the top of Foxtrap Access Road. People park there and carpool to construction sites like Long Harbour.


Jim Myles recently had the tailgate stolen from his truck. (CBC)

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary has recovered nine tailgates stolen from that site alone over the past two weeks.

The tailgates were ultimately tracked down at an auto body shop in St. John's.

Police say that shop is co-operating with the investigation, and is not implicated.

Jim Myles was one of the victims.

"I went to work one Friday morning and came back and it was gone," Myles told CBC News.

Tailgates don't always come cheap; some of them can cost in the thousands. For Myles, making a living and being environmentally friendly by carpooling is coming with a costly inconvenience.

"I've got a $1,000 deductible, so I've got to pay for that out of my own pocket," he said.

The rash of thefts has made locking the tailgates on their trucks a common practice for commuters driving to and from Long Harbour.  

There haven't been any arrests, but police said they expect to lay charges.