The jury at David Folker's second-degree murder trial was told Friday that a police surveillance team caught the accused in a lie.

In August 2010, Folker told police he had nothing to do with the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend Ann Marie Shirran. However, investigators showed the jury photographs of Folker parking a car on Blackhead Road and going into the woods.

Folker insisted during a police interrogation that he had gone for a five-minute walk in the woods. But the surveillance team determined he was in the area for 40 minutes.

The jury was told that Folker hid Shirran's belongings there, as well as two blankets that had been stained with Shirran's blood.

Rovers search and rescue and the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary launched a massive search in July 2010 for anything that would help them find the woman, scouring Bowring Park, the Goulds and Kilbride for any trace of Shirran.

It wasn't until after they watched Folker go into the woods off Blackhead Road on Aug. 10, 2010 that they expanded their search in that area.

Police used helicopters and boats, as well as cadaver dogs from the Ontario Provincial Police to assist in the search.

On Aug. 22, 2010, searchers discovered the two, large moving blankets stained with Shirran's blood, as well as a plastic bag containing her cellphone, purse and glasses. Also in the bag was Folker's birth certificate.

Folker maintained he had nothing to do with Shirran's disappearance until the start of his trial last week, when his lawyers said Shirran died after the pair had a fight, and that Folker disposed of her body on the Southern Shore, and did dump her belongings off Blackhead Road.

The trial is set to continue on Oct. 21.

Reporter Ariana Kelland filed live updates from the courtroom on Friday.