New record store giving business a spin in St. John's

Canadian record store chain plans to carry more vinyl and offer a "deeper selection" than previous competitors that have closed up shop in recent years.

Sunrise Records plans to open in the Avalon Mall in October

Sunrise Records will make vinyl a priority as it opens new stores across the country. (Shutterstock / Larina Marina)

Other retailers in the industry have come and gone, but Sunrise Records is expanding, taking over more than 80 locations across Canada vacated when HMV went out of business earlier this year.

One of those locations is the Avalon Mall in St. John's, with the store expected to open in early October. 

But how will Sunrise Records grow in the new age of digital music streaming, sharing and downloading when so many others have closed?

We've seen vinyl coming back and we've decided to jump on it 100 per cent.- Ben Trepanier

"Right now we're carrying a deeper selection, we're carrying more vinyls, we have almost 3,000 titles in every store," said Ben Trepanier, the regional manager for Sunrise Records in Eastern Canada.    

"So I think the depth of the selection is really what's different, it brings us back to 20 years ago." 

The resurgence in the popularity of vinyl is another trend Sunrise is banking on.

"I think it's a calculated bet that we're doing right now ... we've seen vinyl coming back and we've decided to jump on it 100 per cent," said Trepanier.

The company also plans to support local artists, with a consignment program and live in-store performances.

With files from the St. John's Morning Show