Sunken ship may have sprung another leak

It appears that a sunken ship near Change Islands may be leaking again, after a Twillingate man reported seeing oiled birds in the area.

Twillingate man says he spotted oiled birds near Change Islands site

It appears oil may be again leaking out of a sunken ship near Change Islands. 

The Manolis L ran aground and sank near Change Islands, in Notre Dame Bay, in 1985. (Courtesy Maritime History Archive, Memorial University)

The Canadian Coast Guard patched the cracks in the Manolis L last month.

But Cyril Gidge of Twillingate says he spotted oiled birds near the site Sunday evening.

Gidge says there were turrs and seagulls — in total, about a half dozen birds — affected.

"We could see oil rising out of the water," Gidge said. "I was disgusted."

The coast guard says it will be investigating.

Gidge wants the oil pumped out of the Manolis L.

The paper carrier sank in 1985.