On this week's Sunday Scoff, Hlynn Kenny says she always loved to feed people, but had never wanted to open a restaurant. However, one year ago this weekend, she opened up the Happy Hummus Hut on Duckworth Street in St. John's.

"I always loved feeding people, but back when I was cooking food, I never thought about doing a restaurant because it's so difficult — all of the cooking and steaming and all those things, whereas this is uncooking," Kenny said.

"The vast majority of what we do here is raw — it's not cooked at all."

She knew there were people in the city who wanted vegetarian and vegan restaurants, so she decided to give it a shot in order to share her healthy food creations with others.

"I did market research before I opened, so I knew there was a market for it, it was just getting the word out and letting my food do the talking for me," she said.

"I could go on TV and say anything I want to about my food, but it has to do the work, it has to actually deliver the flavour."

Listen to the full interview with Kenny on this week's Sunday Scoff with Maggie Gillis on CBC Radio One's Weekend Arts Magazine.