It's almost a week into summer, and residents of Southlands still have not forgotten about this past winter ā€” specifically when they were forgotten by city snowclearing crews.

The City of St. John's held its second public consultation on Thursday night, at the Southlands Community Centre, to listen to residents' snowclearing concerns.

'If I [lived] on the side streets, I wouldn't ever be able to get anywhere. It's crazy, it's ridiculousā€‹' - Southlands resident Mike Cole

The city also wanted to discuss ways the service could be improved. 


In April, ward councillor Wally Collins jumped in his own snowplow to help clear streets in Southlands that were overlooked by city crews. (CBC News)

About 25 residents attended, including Mike Cole.

"We were forgot at least once or twice last year. Like, you know, plow our roads," Cole told CBC. 

"Topsail Road and Cowan Heights seem to have better snowclearing than us out here." 

After a large dumping of snow in April, part of Southlands was seemingly forgotten by snowclearing crews, and prompted St. John's Mayor Dennis O'Keefe to apologize for the mishap.

ā€‹The incident in April also prompted ward councillor Wally Collins to jump in his own personal snowplow when a school bus carrying children got stuck in one of the streets that hadn't been plowed. 

Cole, a resident of Teakwood Drive, said even when snow crews remember to plow the area, they still don't clear the streets in Southlands frequently enough.

"If I [lived] on the side streets, I wouldn't ever be able to get anywhere. It's crazy, it's ridiculous," Cole said.

KPMG consultants are organizing the meetings, in collaboration with the City of St. John's.


Robert Leeman of the MUN Students' Union attended Thursday's meeting to voice snowclearing safety concerns on behalf of students. (CBC)

Not just Southlands residents concerned

Robert Leeman attended the meeting on behalf of Memorial University's Students' Union.

He said problems having to do with St. John's snowclearing, whether being forgotten or not, span across the whole city.

"Every day [when there is snow] students are walking to and from our campuses ā€” and they are risking their lives," Leeman said.

KPMG expects to have a report and some recommendations on how snowclearing can be improved for St. John's and its feeder communities by August.