Summer heat prompts police warning about moose

Sizzling temperatures in the St. John's area are sending more moose toward roads and highways, police said Friday.

An extended run of sizzling temperatures in the St. John's area is making driving more dangerous than normal because of the weather's effect on moose, police said Friday.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary said it had responded to reports of moose sightings at either end of the northeast Avalon Peninsula, including a collision Thursday night in Conception Bay South.

"Police suspect the hot August weather may be forcing the moose out of the woods, to the open more cooler areas. Please exercise additional caution when driving at night," the RNC said in a statement Friday morning.

A vehicle struck a moose around 9:45 p.m. Thursday in the Upper Gullies area of Conception Bay South. Police said the driver was not injured and the vehicle sustained moderate damage.

However, two of the moose's legs were broken, forcing officials to euthanize it at the scene.

Moose are well-known as crepuscular animals, or being most active at dawn and dusk.