Crown and defence lawyers are giving their summations at the Steven Neville murder trial in St. John's, and the two sides are painting very different pictures of what happened Oct. 9, 2010.

Neville is charged with first degree murder in the death of Doug Flynn, and attempted murder in the stabbing of Ryan Dwyer.

In a lengthy summation Tuesday morning, Neville's lawyer Peter Ralph repeatedly said that for weeks prior to the fateful night in Paradise, Flynn and Dwyer hunted Neville.

Ralph referred to Flynn and Dwyer as predators and Neville as prey.

Ralph reminded the jury that Flynn and Dwyer had frightening car chases with Neville, and that Dwyer had set up Neville to be robbed.

Flynn and Dwyer the aggressors, says defence

Neville, Ralph told the jury, was constantly trying to get away from them, and according to Ralph, Flynn and Dwyer were the aggressors, not Neville.

Ralph reminded the jury of a text Dwyer had sent: "I hope Neville dies the most painful death he can."

"I just seen Neville man i f****n hate him i wanna f*****n kill him."  

Ralph said Crown witnesses were too drunk the night of the stabbing to really recall what happened. And several witnesses admitted they had lied to the police and the court.

Ralph said the Crown has failed to prove this was not self defence, and Neville must be found not guilty.

Neville angry, says Crown

Crown prosecutor Robin Fowler said Neville's actions were not in self defence. Fowler said Neville was angry on the night of Oct. 9, 2010 because Dwyer had threatened Neville's mother on Facebook.

Fowler said Neville texted, "They are dead, dead, dead" and set out to kill Dwyer and Flynn.

Fowler said several times on that night, Neville could have stayed in the car and there would not have been a confrontation.  

Fowler said Neville planned to kill both men and that he is guilty of charges.