Millwright students at the College of the North Atlantic in Corner Brook made a modified bobsled for a friend in a wheelchair so he can take part in the winter carnival.

Students campus-wide were constructing bobsleds to compete in a race as part of the games, and the students decided to rig something together for Mike Johnson.

Johnson has been in a wheelchair for three years after a vehicle collision with a transport truck.

Jerry Smith, millwright instructor and Johnson's neighbour, said the students decided they would take on the extra, not-for-credit project of making a wheelchair-friendly sled for Johnson.

"That's good for them — they're fabricating," Smith said. "That's over and above what we do have to do, and they enjoy it and I do, too."

This isn't the first project like this that the students took on. Back in January, the students constructed a device that allowed Johnson to use a snowblower in his driveway.

Not something you see every day

Stephan Caines, one of the students who came up with the idea for the sled, said it isn't something you see every day.

"We thought about this, it would be different," Caines said. "A bit of a challenge for the class to make up something that nobody has seen before basically, because you can pretty much guess that there's neither other one like that."

Johnson joked that the sled wasn't going fast enough.

"It was too slow, Stephan's got to speed up," he said. "It's got steering on it so I got to do some cool drifting, but it was decent, I've got to say."

Thursday was their test run, and the class will have until Sunday to make some adjustments to the sled.