Three teenagers started a recycling company to help clean up their hometown and encourage more recycling in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Kayla Chubbs, Heather McLean and Holly McLean said they got some help from the Youth Ventures program to start up The Green Girls.

"We've always recycled growing up, and then we just started to notice that not everybody recycled and not all businesses recycled, so we decided that it would be a good idea," Heather McLean said.

Chubbs said they offer to go to people's homes or businesses to take away recyclables for them if they are unable to, or if it's too much work.

She said recycling doesn't get enforced enough, so they thought it might be best to take it upon themselves to make up for the gap.

"The laws, I don't think, are really enforcing recycling, and our community isn't [enforcing enough]," Chubbs said.

"It's like it's not worth it for the business because recyclables don't cost that much - it's not enough for them to take the initiative to recycle," she added.

Holly McLean said they have a plan for getting their names out there.

"We're going to buy bins and then we're going to paint them with a logo — The Green Girls — and we're going to set some of them outside the business and some of them inside the business," she said.

According to Heather McLean, some people are already requesting the bins.

"We have a few businesses that are actually interested, and we know for sure one of them is actually going to accept our recycling bins outside — that's the Labrador Inn. And then we also have some business owners coming up to us saying they're going to call us when they get the chance," she said.

Chubbs said she hopes business owners who see their bins will feel encouraged to contact them to do the same.