A group of students from Bishops College in St. John's got some real-life work experience at Hungry Heart Café on Friday.

Students in the life skills class at the school were preparing and cooking food in the kitchen as part of their learning experience.

Joanne Mercer, a teacher at Bishops College, said the experienced gained for these students is extremely valuable.

"We have some students with special needs, [and] they have some barriers to getting employment in the community, and knowing, I guess, what's out there for them and … to be able to come here with these people is fantastic," said Mercer.

"Food brings everyone together. The love of food. And right now there's a big food craze, and eat locally is a big thing here right now in Newfoundland. The chefs and stuff have been fantastic that we've come in contact with."

Mercer said the progress of some of the students over the years has been immense, with some moving up from being nervous to using the toaster to being able to make their own meals.

"I still get excited, those little butterflies in my stomach, when I see them out. They love it — they absolutely love it, and they can't wait to meet new people and get right involved," said Mercer.