St. John's bars that advertise strippers and exotic dancers are being asked to tone down sexy advertising that has become too explicit, a councillor says.

Posters that feature women in lingerie — if that — and in suggestive poses are impossible to miss in the downtown area.

Even directly across New Gower Street from city hall there are sandwich boards and posters promoting adult-only entertainment, with slogans like, "Our girls party naked."

"Just bring it down a little bit," Coun. Sheilagh O'Leary told CBC News.

"Even to diminish it and such would be great, because right now it really dominates all the advertising in the downtown area."

O'Leary admits that city council cannot ban the advertising, although she said public pressure could yield results.

"There's nothing that we can do, and that's been discussed over and over again," she said.

"I think the public are weighing in and they will continue to if they see that it's offensive. Because it certainly is, especially with families and young children walking along on the streets all the time."