Storm closes St. John's schools, services

A slow-moving spring storm that continued unabated Tuesday shut down schools in St. John's and many other communities in eastern Newfoundland, with the southern half of the island feeling the brunt of the storm.
Slow-moving spring storm continues Tuesday with the southern half of the island feeling the brunt 2:55

Schools in St. John's and numerous other communities were shut down on Tuesday, as a slow-moving storm continued to pelt southern Newfoundland for a second day in a row. 

Most public services — from courts to clinics to government offices — in the St. John's area closed for the morning, although many reopened in the afternoon, even though snow was expected to keep falling through the night. 

Memorial University cancelled morning classes at its St. John's campus, and some College of the North Atlantic campuses cancelled some courses. 

The storm, which started Monday morning in southwestern Newfoundland, is expected to drop as much as 50 cm of snow in some areas by the time it runs its course early Wednesday. 

The storm had moved east late Monday, leaving about 22 cm of snow in St. John's and about 40 cm in St. Lawrence by early Tuesday. 

Quite a bit more snow is expected to fall by Wednesday morning, with regions told to brace for between 30 cm and 50 cm by the time the weather clears. The probability of ice pellets in some areas complicated forecasts. 

Closures on Tuesday also involved numerous daycare centres, libraries and private businesses.