This photo of Middle Amherst Cove, on the Bonavista Peninsula, was taken days after Hurricane Igor hit. ((Courtesy of Brian Ricks))

Six communities in eastern Newfoundland are still cut off from the province's road network 10 days after Hurricane Igor struck.

Plate Cove East, Bonaventure, Middle Amherst Cove, Red Cliff, Tickle Cove and Open Hall are still inaccessible by road.

Roads to some of them are expected to reopen in the next few days, provincial officials said Thursday.

They said 100 communities in eastern Newfoundland were cut off by the storm on Sept. 21.

Government Services Minister Tom Hedderson said people should use rebuilt roads and bridges cautiously.

"We're not back to normal yet in the sense that you've got to be very, very cautious especially after dark when you're navigating these roads," he said.


Days after Hurricane Igor ripped through eastern Newfoundland, a small boat ferries supplies across a river that runs through Middle Amherst Cove. ((Courtesy of Brian Ricks))

Hedderson said the province has asked military engineers who are in the province to help recover from the storm to have a second look at any new construction.

Some communities, like Middle Amherst Cove on the Bonavista Peninsula, are relying on boats to bring in supplies.