There is still no agreement between the province and ExxonMobil on whether the third Hebron module will be built in the province.

On Friday, Premier Kathy Dunderdale met with company officials. Afterwards, she said even though there is no deal, the meeting went well.

The Premier said while she wants the work done in province, the government won't insist on any measures that delays first oil or disrupts project timelines.

"We have to mindful that the project comes on time, if that's possible, that we are not incurring extraordinary costs, or costs that we ought not to do, because people of the province pay for that," said Dunderdale in a media scrum at Confederation Building.

"All of that project gets paid off before we start to earn more royalties," she added. "So people of the province end up paying one way, or the other, either through the treasury or through Nalcor."

Dunderdale said there is room for compromise in the dispute if ExxonMobil can find other ways to deliver the full value of the development agreement to the province.

ExxonMobil gave the government a capacity report showing why the oil company believes the work can't be done in Newfoundland.

The Premier said the government will respond by the end of this month. If there is no agreement it will trigger arbitration.