The Crown and defence gave their closing submissions at the trial of a suspended RCMP officer charged with assaults, sexual assaults and careless use of a firearm.

Cpl. Steven Blackmore, 41, is accused of assaulting two women, as well as sexually assaulting one of them.

Bob Simmonds, Blackmore's lawyer, called the main complainant in the case a liar in a St. John's court on Tuesday.

Blackmore is charged with assaulting her six times, including once with a knife, and sexually assaulting her twice.

Simmonds told the jury, made up of seven men and five women, that the defence caught her in 10 lies.

A publication ban in place to protect the woman's identity prevents details about the lies from being revealed, but Simmonds said the lies question the credibility of anything she said.

According to Simmonds, the other complainant was out of control when Blackmore shoved her, and he was defending himself.

Blackmore did allow several people to handle his service pistol, but Simmonds said Blackmore demonstrated in court how he had taken the magazine out of the gun without them even knowing it.

Crown prosecutor Jeff Summers said the main complainant did lie twice, but admitted it and gave her reasons - one of them being she wasn't sure what might happen with the accusations against Blackmore given he's a police officer.

Summers said she was credible, even if she mixed up a few dates, and Blackmore used more force than necessary on the other complainant when he pushed her. 

He said Blackmore did not unload his gun before letting others handle it.

The defence said Blackmore should be found not guilty on all 10 charges against him, while the Crown said he has proven Blackmore is guilty of all 10 charges beyond any reasonable doubt.

The matter is now up for a jury to decide.