The defence in the case against an RCMP officer charged with assault, sexual assault, and careless use of a firearom started its case in a St. John's court on Thursday.

Cpl. Steven Blackmore, 41, accused of assaulting two women, is facing a total of 10 charges.

On Thursday, a witness for the defence told the court that the young woman accusing Blackmore of assault two years ago was irrational earlier the same evening Blackmore is accused of pushing her.

She testified the young woman said she was going to "break a beer bottle and cut him," when talking about another man.

The witness said the woman was screaming, and also said she was going to "slash her wrists." 

She said she was frightened, so she called the RCMP.

The two officers who responded to the scene also testified on Thursday, one of them saying the complainant was "quite intoxicated."

They said she continued to scream once she was in the patrol car

The other officer said, "If I pulled her over, I would say she was impaired."

The defence still has other witnesses to call before the case goes to a jury next week.

In addition to the assault charges against this woman, Blackmore is also charged with assault and sexual assault against a second woman.