Stem cells from German donor save Bellevue man's life

A Bellevue man credits a German stem cell donor with saving his life three years ago when he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Man diagnosed with leukemia says stem cell transplant saved his life

A Bellevue man credits a stem cell transplant from a German donor with saving his life, Azzo Rezori reports 2:00

A Bellevue man who was diagnosed with leukemia credits a German stem cell donor with saving his life three years ago.

Sean Woodford, 54, was in St. John's on Tuesday, along with his special guests from Germany, for a Canadian Blood Services campaign.

Christian Wolf, 28, from the small village of Leibertingen, is the donor Woodford credits with saving his life.

"I do owe him my life — that's for sure," Woodford said.

Wolf had signed up for a stem cell donor registry in Germany to help find a match for a colleague, who was also diagnosed with leukemia.

Christian Wolf, 28, says he was happy to find out he was a match for someone. (CBC)

While he wasn't a match for his colleague, a computer looking for matches for Woodford discovered that Wolf was a perfect fit — the only registered match worldwide.

Wolf said he was happy to find out he was able to help someone.

"I feel very good — really good," Wolf said. "I'm very happy to see Sean and his family, and it's a beautiful thing I do."

New friends

Wolf and his family have been in Newfoundland visiting with the Woodford's for two weeks.

"We're doing great — just the same as if they lived with us all our lives," Woodford said. "They're the best of the best — you won't meet any better."

Woodford said they've become lifelong friends.

"I got a son for life," he said. "They're really, really, really nice people — it's just hard to explain."