The mayor of Deer Lake is asking residents to stay away from the flooded areas of the community until the water levels decrease.

Dean Ball says the traffic in the area has some of the residents on edge, adding more stress to an already difficult situation for many of them.

"We have a lot of the general public out, just having a look around, which is understandable, but we're having an increasing amount of traffic in the flooding areas — and the flooding areas that are at risk," Ball said.

"We just want to ask our people to stay away from those areas over the next few days. It's causing a little stress for the neighbourhood," he added.

Ball said on Saturday that water levels in the area appeared to have subsided and the risk of flooding has minimized.

"We've looked at the forecast — we were into some colder temperatures now, and that stopped the amount of spring run-off," Ball said.

"Rain has stopped, and if we can maintain the levels where we are today, our risk is a lot lower. Now again, this is not over, but the risks of further flooding are minimized," he added.

The three gates that have been opened at the dam for the town's reservoir will remain open for the next five to seven days.

Ball said there will be a follow-up meeting Sunday morning to assess the situation.