A peewee hockey team in St. John's got a special surprise before a Wednesday game when the Stanley Cup turned up in the dressing room.

The Avalon Celtics Peewee team went into their dressing room at the Rogers Bussey Arena and found the iconic hockey trophy waiting to greet them.

The Celtics were chosen for their volunteer work raising money for underprivileged players.by Scotiabank's Surprise and Delight campaign. 

Team member Jude Power said it was great to be recognized for their hard work.

"It feels great to do something for underprivileged kids in Canada, and also to see the Stanley Cup," he said.

Coach Steve Callahan said it was a great experience, both as the team's coach and a father.

"That's what's special about the Stanley Cup and the National Hockey League and dreams, to be able to see it through the eyes of the kids, and that's what was special for me," he said.

Callahan said the players made a huge effort during their fundraising, even though they didn't know at the time what could come of it.

"We're all fans, we're all excited about the Stanley Cup and what it means, and to be involved as part of a real team process, that's what was exciting," he said.

The Celtics went on to win their hockey game on Wednesday evening after the Stanley Cup visit.