Ryan Dwyer, the man Steven Neville is accused of trying to murder, said he and Neville were lifelong friends until they had a falling-out in August 2010.

Neville, 22, is charged with the attempted murder of Dwyer, and the first-degree murder of Doug Flynn, 19, in Paradise on Oct. 9, 2010.

During Neville's trial on Monday, Dwyer testified that his 16-year-old brother had lent Neville $65, and that Neville tried to pay it back in cocaine.

Dwyer said that made him angry because he "didn't want his brother getting into that lifestyle."

Dwyer admitted he used to sell illegal drugs, and that he always carried a baseball bat in his car in case there was a "situation" where he needed it.

Dwyer wanted to fight

Dwyer testified he was so angry, he wanted to fight Neville, but he told the court he meant just a fist fight, not with weapons.

He said the fight was arranged by text through a third party.

But when the moment came, Dwyer testified Neville came at him with a hockey stick, and at the last second sprayed him with bear spray. Dwyer said he was just getting out of his car when it happened. Dwyer said Flynn also got sprayed.

Tension escalated

Dwyer said that escalated the tension between the men.

On the night of the stabbing, Dwyer posted a status update on Facebook, writing "Kick in the door wavin the four four all ya heard was granny neville saying don't hit me no more."

The posting made reference to Neville's mother, which, according to previous testimony, angered Neville. 

Dwyer testifed that he took most of the words from a rap song by Notorious B.I.G., and that his Facebook posting was just a cheap shot at Neville, not a threat.

Neville and Dwyer had second encounter

Just hours after the posting, Dwyer said Neville jumped out of the car, and ran at him.

Dwyer said he started running at Neville, but when he was just a few feet away, he realized Neville had a knife.

Dwyer said he was slashed twice in the arm as he tried to protect himself, and when he turned to run, Neville stabbed him in the back and arm.

Dwyer said he tripped on the curb, and he saw Neville stabbing Doug Flynn, with Flynn punching back.

Dwyer said he saw Neville swing at Flynn's temple, and then Flynn dropped to the ground.

After that, he testified, Neville ran off saying "I'm crazy. I'm crazy. I'm gone now."

Flynn was killed by a stab wound to the head. 

Dwyer is expected to be on the stand for several days.