Some residents of St. Lunaire-Griquet are heading to Corner Brook in a bid to save their school.

The Western School District wants to close Bayview Regional Collegiate in St. Lunaire and bus students to St. Anthony.

Parents will drive six hours in advance of a school board meeting on Friday night. They're planning to hold a peaceful protest outside the board offices before the 7:00 p.m. meeting. The group said the students could stay in the community if the board converted Truman Eddison Memorial in nearby Gunner's Cove into a K-12 school.

Dr. Ross Elliott is director of education with the Western School District.

He said there will be no vote at the Friday meeting in Corner Brook. Elliott said the board stands by its decision, made several years ago, to close Bayview Regional Collegiate and will not revisit that decision.

Elliott said board members held a teleconference last week, reaffirming the closure, and communicated the information to Scott Burden, the local area school board trustee on the Northern Peninsula.

Dr. Elliott added that a letter reaffirming the closure has also been sent to parents' representative Dale Colbourne.