St. John's woman wins trip to FIFA World Cup quarter-final game

Rosellen Sullivan of St. John's says she can't believe her good luck, since winning a trip for two to Rio de Janeiro to see a FIFA World Cup quarter-final game.
St. John's lawyer Rosellen Sullivan has won a trip to Brazil to see a Fifa World Cup quarter-final game. (CBC)

A St. John's woman who has won a trip for two to a FIFA World Cup game in Brazil can't believe her good luck.

Rosellen Sullivan and her husband will depart St. John's for Rio de Janeiro in early July to see a World Cup quarter-final game.

World Cup action begins Thursday in Brazil and will culminate with the final game on July 13. 

Sullivan was in the Newark airport when she was approached about filling out a contest ballot. 

"And this woman approached me in the duty-free shop and said, "Do you want to fill out a ballot to win a trip to the World Cup?' Had she said, 'Do you want to fill out a ballot to win a trip to the Stanley Cup or the Super Bowl' — I probably would have said no," she told Radio Noon host Cecil Haire.

"I never gave it another thought until I got a phone call in my office on Friday, telling me I was one of three winners."

It's all above board 

Sullivan said at first she thought the trip was a scam — but it turned out to be a legitimate contest through Anheuser-Busch.

"I've never won a thing in my life, and I love the World Cup ... I'm a soccer fan. I used to play soccer, not well, when I was young, but I do watch soccer regularly."

Sullivan and her husband will be in Rio deJaneiro, Brazil in early July for the game. 

The prize package includes airfare for two from St. John's to Rio; hotel accommodations; tickets in the VIP section of the Anheuser-Busch Bud Box, as well as several day excursions. 

Sullivan, who said she normally cheers for Spain, said she's hoping Brazil will get into the quarter-finals.

"I can't even imagine how exciting that would be."