A St. John's resident recently had a thrill of a lifetime when she had her photo taken with Shania Twain in Las Vegas.

Cherie Taylor has been a Shania fan since she was 10 years of age.

To celebrate her 30th birthday and first wedding anniversary, Taylor's husband gave her a trip to Las Vegas and tickets to see the songstress. 

When they arrived at the show, Taylor and her husband were upgraded to front row seats. 

"When we got there, she started to perform, and immediately I began to cry," Taylor said.

"I was so excited; I was shaking. I thought, 'I've come all this way to come see her; I'm going to take a shot at getting my picture taken with her.'"

Taylor stood up in the aisle and began to wave at Twain. 

"Obviously, she could tell I was excited," Taylor said.

"She walked [up] to me, put her arm around me, and gave my husband time to take three pictures. She hugged me once again, and went back to the stage."

 Twain was singing her song "Don't Be Stupid" at the same time.

"I was shaking," Taylor said.

"It was pretty awesome. I couldn't have asked for a  better birthday gift or a better vacation."

Taylor posted the photos on Facebook as soon as she could. Her friends and family — especially those from Taylor's hometown of St. Bernard's — were delighted for her.

"Everyone was pretty excited that I had the opportunity to have my picture taken with one of my all-time favourite country singers," Taylor said.

"It was great."