A main water line in the core of St. John's broke on Tuesday morning, affecting services in the neighbourhood and raising more questions about the city's aging infrastructure.


A water main broke Tuesday on Mayor Avenue near Merrymeeting Road. (Cecil Haire/CBC)

The 16-inch water main in the area of Mayor Avenue and Merrymeeting Road ruptured around 7 a.m. It marks the third time there has been a break in the area in recent months.

The pipes in that area are about 100 years old.

Merrymeeting Road resident Michelle Dominey-Romykh was anxious that the flooding that has hit her home twice already would not return again.

"This morning we're pretty nervous, hoping and praying that we're not going to get flooded again [with] another six feet of water in our basement," she told CBC News.

Tuesday's break left about 100 homeowners in the immediate area without water. Residents in the neighbourhood have been warned to expect low water pressure and some discolouration as crews make repairs throughout the day.

Public works director Paul Mackey said the city is trying to isolate the break so that it affects as few people as possible.