St. John's subdivision invaded by rats

Construction near Airport Heights has caused a deluge of rats in the St. John's neighbourhood since spring.
Ongoing construction near the Airport Heights subdivision is causing an invasion of rats. (CBC)

A St. John's subdivision is under invasion — by rats.

Residents in the Airport Heights area are concerned about what they call a growing problem, saying they're under siege by the vermin.

Chris Stamp has lived in Airport Heights for the past five years. (CBC)

Chris Stamp, who moved to Airport Heights five years ago, wants the city to do something about it.

Stamp believes the cause is land development that is disturbing the animals' local habitat. He said that while neighbours need to do their part, developers and the city need to step up.

Stamp said until recently he had only occasionally seen a rat in his backyard.

"You're going to have rodents and pests in your backyard ... it happens, it's the course of life," said Stamp.

"But to see them day after day after day, when you know you're catching them and your neighbours are catching them and your neighbours down the road are catching them — I think that's a bit much for just your average neighborhood."

Stamp said he and his neighbours have collectively trapped about 30 rats in the last two weeks.

"So I guess that could be an explosion."

Secret bait ingredient

Stamp said he's tried everything to catch the rats in the traps.

Area residents have trapped about 30 rats in the last two weeks. (CBC)

"I'm not speaking for Nutella — but it's been working out for me. I've tried cheese, I've tried peanut butter, but Nutella has been the most successful for me."

Since he started trapping with the product on Friday, Stamp has captured three rats.

According to Coun. Debbie Hanlon, the proper checks are already in place.

"There is some development going on in Airport Heights, and according to the department at our city, they [the developers] have their proper pest control certificates."

Hanlon said the city will send out information about how to maintain property to keep pests away.


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