The SPCA is asking the City of St. John's not to cut its funding by several thousand dollars, saying the animals in its care need every dollar the organization receives.

The city's finance committee is recommending that council reduce the SPCA's grant from its typical $10,000 to $3,300.

The committee reasons the city already has a humane services department and the SPCA is a duplication of those services. 

However, SPCA Chairperson Simone Browne said that's not the case.

"The way we see it is it's not a duplication, it's a complementary service," said Browne.

While humane services takes in stray animals from within the city limits, the SPCA also takes in animals that owners give up, as well as helping out humane services when it's at capacity.

Around 1,000 animals come through the SPCA per year, 17 per cent of which come from the city's humane services department.

The SPCA is also the only organization in St. John's to spay and neuter its animals and give them full veterinary assessments.

SPCA cat

The SPCA takes in roughly 1,000 animals per year. (CBC)

"Every dollar we have is already spoken for, so we really do need that $10,000," said Browne.

"We really hope they find something else to cut rather than cut services to the animals because these guys need it. They really do."

Only five per cent of the SPCA's budget comes from municipal and provincial grants; 95 per cent comes from donations.

Browne said a cut from the city will mean more reliance on the community.

"We need to spay, neuter, we need to take care of the health of those animals and we'll find a way to do it," she said.

When contacted by CBC, the city did not provide comment.

Council is expected make its decision at its Monday meeting.