A group of women say they received chemical burns from a hot tub at a spa in St. John's.

The women entered a hot tub at the Spa at the Monastery about a year ago, they say.

"It started to get overwhelming, and it was more than just hot, it was stingy, like it was burning," said Kera Beck.

The women said they got out because the heat was intolerable, but by then their swim suits and towels had changed colour.

"The bright vibrant colours were completely dulled out the same as if you washed them in Javex," said Beck.

She said one woman's hair turned from brown to pink.

They went to a local hospital where they said they were treated for moderate chemical burns.

Spa owner Paul Madden said he is not responsible for what happened.

"I'm the owner but I'm not a chemical expert. I don't monitor the pools. Physically, I don't add or subtract the chlorine, it's all done through an automatic system," said Madden.

The women have hired lawyer Ken Mahoney, who said he is pursuing a lawsuit.