A group of seniors in St. John's is fighting city hall over a new residential development proposed in the city's west end.

Group member Ray Hopkins said the development would invade the privacy of the seniors who live in a condominium complex on the adjacent property.


A group of seniors in St. John's is fighting a planned development in their neighbourhood in the city's west end. (CBC)

The proposed project includes two four-storey apartment buildings — one with 32 units and another with 60 units — along with a group of row houses off Blackmarsh Road.

Hopkins said the development would invade the privacy of people living in his complex, as well as increase congestion and reduce available green space.

"We don't like it and we're going to make our points known, and hopefully they'll see it and at least reduce the height of the buildings and the number of people that will be going there," he said.

According to Hopkins, there are other ways the seniors at the complex would like to see the space used.

"Right now, that particular area is a beautiful [area] — it's all nice spruce trees there and we're very comfortable where we are and do not agree with having that open space being taken up with four-storey buildings," he said.

"We would like to see it left alone and maybe develop some kind of little park or something for us to be able to walk and see the birds and experience the beauty of the walk through the forest."

A public meeting is set to be held Wednesday night to discuss rezoning of the land.