St. John's city council will take another look at whether dedicated cycling lanes would work on Old Topsail Road. ((CBC) )

St. John's city council has adopted the first two phases of an ambitious cycling plan that will reshape how many of the city's key roads function.

In the works for more than three years, the cycling plan will see separate bike lanes established on major thoroughfares, including Prince Philip Drive and Columbus Drive.

Many residents have been opposed to losing on-street parking spaces, although councillors have approved a set of compromises that will see a bike lane on one side of some streets with parking on the other.

The plan got city council's approval at Monday evening's meeting, with many councillors agreeing the plan is long overdue. The meeting was told that other cities have had bike lanes in place for decades.

The city will soon roll out an information and public relations campaign known as Bike St. John's, which will highlight the cycling routes and related safety tips.

Council is reviewing plans for Old Topsail Road, which connects the downtown with the west end. The city is taking another look at a proposal to put lanes on both sides of the narrow street.