A proposed extension to the Marriott Hotel in downtown St. John's received a cool reception at a public meeting Wednesday night.

The original plan included a pedway that would link the existing hotel with a separate building on the other side of Duckworth Street.

While the pedway plan was dropped, the new proposal calls for the annex to the hotel to be two storeys higher than heritage rules permit.

About a half dozen residents turned up for the meeting. One described the proposed extension as "a monstrosity."

Resident Laura Cashin said the proposed new building would be too big for the area, and would ruin the view of the harbour for local homeowners.

"Those houses come at a premium cost, and we paid for that view when we purchased it, understanding that there are zoning laws that protect areas of the downtown," she said.

"Basically, you're selling the views of the private citizens of that area to the Marriott."

While the design attempts to blend the six-storey building with the three-storey row houses next to it, residents still said it's too overpowering.

They're also concerned that it might set a precedent, even though city officials said exceptions to heritage zoning regulations are not made lightly.

St. John's City Council will vote on the proposal on Nov. 19.