It appears the harsh winter has taken its toll on roads across the province, with potholes wreaking havoc on drivers and their vehicles.

Huge, gaping holes have been causing serious damage, especially on tires and rims. 

In the St. John's area, there are about 200 potholes that need repair.

Potholes on Westerland Road Feb. 26, 2014

This vehicle tries to veer away from a cluster of potholes on Westerland Road in St. John's. (CBC)

Deputy City Manager Paul Mackey said there aren't more potholes this year than in previous years — although he said it seems that way. 

Mackey said city officials have not been out repairing potholes regularly because the weather refuses to co-operate.

"You really can't patch potholes when the weather is wet and slushy and so on, so we try to wait for a better day and then go out and do a repair that will last at least for the winter, so we can do a permanent repair in the spring," Mackey said.