A man who slipped and fell while walking in a downtown St. John's lane recently is questioning the city's snow clearing policies.

David Coish said there was ice coating every step in Solomon's Lane, joining Duckworth St. and Water St., when he slipped.

Coish, originally from Corner Brook, just moved to St. John's from the mainland.

He said he can't understand why the city doesn't maintain snow clearing on its heavily-used lanes and sidewalks for pedestrian use.

"I just am baffled that, from the start, the decision is made to not clear most of the sidewalks on the street," Coish said.

"I just came back from a holiday in Corner Brook with my family. Corner Brook, [with] 20,000 people, the sidewalks are cleared."

According to Coish, many pedestrians and seniors become shut-ins for five months of the year without proper sidewalk clearing practices.

He said he will be avoiding the downtown area for the rest of the winter to prevent another fall.