The city of St. John's is looking at solutions to its chronic shortage of parking spots downtown, but not everyone is ready to get on board with some of the city's ideas. 

A new study on downtown parking has found that the area is short by about 500 spaces, and that more than 40 per cent of the drivers who park there are not residents of St. John's.

"They're coming from C.B.S., they're coming from Mount Pearl and they are coming from all over the Northeast Avalon actually," said St. John's city councillor Tom Hann.

"Because a lot of people from outside work in the city and they commute on a daily basis."

Hann said new parking garages will help, but the city needs a long-term solution

"We've got to improve the road system. The transportation system. We have to improve the public transportation system as well, so it's part of one big package," said Hann.

"But we've got to get other partners in."

Mount Pearl mayor puts on brakes

Many people living in nearby Mount Pearl travel to downtown St. John's every day. However, Mount Pearl mayor Randy Simms said he is not on board with the idea.

"It's fair to say that I am fairly negative on the concept, primarily because the cost would be outrageous," said Simms.


St. John's city councillor Tom Hann says all communities in the St. John's area need to work together on a solution to the downtown parking shortage. (CBC )

Simms bristled at the idea that Mount Pearl residents do not pay enough for services they use in St. John's.

"Nonsense. Absolute complete and utter nonsense," said Simms.

"The reality is that we pay more than our fair share."

Hann said he figures a a regional transportation plan is inevitable, and that communites just outside St. John's will have to help pay for it, but he said some money for such a plan would also have to come from federal and provincial governments.