Feed the meter, and avoid the blue zone, or pay the fine — as of Monday, a bigger penalty than before.

St. John’s city council recently approved a hefty hike in fines for parking violations.

The new rates come into effect Monday.

The fee for being parked at an expired parking meter will jump to $25 from $15.

And the fine for parking in a disabled parking space without having a valid permit to do so will increase to $400 from $75.

 "We truly hope that this will help discourage people from using these spots and leaving them open for those disabled members of our community who really need them," Coun. Gerry Colbert, chair of the city’s police and traffic committee, said in a press release.

According to the city, a study recommended increasing the fine for expired meters.

Council says it is steering all additional cash raised into a special parking reserve fund. The money is earmarked for two developments that will increase public parking in the downtown area by 462 spaces.