If you're looking to find the perfect, most unforgettable way to propose to your significant other, you would have to go to great lengths to top the naked shoveller.

St. John's Scotty Heath has a running gag where he takes candid photos of himself shovelling snow — clothing optional — at major landmarks in the city.

So when Heath handed his girlfriend Angie Earle his digital camera after the snowfall last Saturday night, she thought he was just planning more of the same 

But oh.... this time was a little different.

The naked shoveller trekked down his street with one hand tucked behind his back and a shovel in the other.

Earle thought he was just going to clear her driveway, but when he got down on one knee — flowers in hand and cigarette in mouth — she saw a sign taped to his shovel.

It said 'Angie Earle: Marry Me!'

After stopping to catch her breath, Earle quickly said yes. 

The naked shoveller's greatest hits

Earle was kind enough to send CBC N.L. some of Scotty Heath's greatest hits as the naked shoveller.

Here he is outside the Railway Coastal Museum...

Naked Shoveler

(Angie Earle)

Keeping it real at Cabot Tower on Signal Hill...

Naked Shoveler

Showing a little Irish charm on St. Patrick's Day...

Naked Shoveler

(Angie Earle)

And marking Easter as part of an Easter basket. 

Naked Shoveler

Earle says she and Heath are thrilled about the engagement and are planning to tie the knot sometime next year.