The City of St. John's has decided to shut down a substandard apartment building at 12 Cashin Ave., after a lengthy battle with the owner over more than a dozen problems.

In June, a provincial court judge found the landlord guilty of a number of violations.

"This started back in 2013, roughly, with the landlord going through the process. The city has taken all the actions we can to protect the residents," Deputy Mayor Ron Ellsworth said.

Ellsworth said the city is working with the province to find other homes for the residents.

"Right now we're still waiting for the last tenant to be housed somewhere else. Hopefully, by the end of this week we'll be able to get the water shut off and then move to get the property secured so it can be maintained as a safe environment for now," he said.

Ellsworth said if the property owner doesn't make the required repairs, the city will do it and forward him the bill.