The City of St. John's has its eye on the Scouts Canada property on Terra Nova Road, and may turn to expropriation to get it.

The property, which is used for Scouts Canada's offices and a retail shop that sells supplies to Beaver, Cub, Scout and Venturer groups, is sandwiched between two city properties: Wishingwell Park and the former Metrobus depot.

Coun. Jonathan Galgay said the city has already tried to buy the property, but Scouts Canada had already accepted another offer.

"This is a corner property which would link all of those properties together in one master piece of land, which would be a significant piece of property for the city to obtain," Galgay told CBC News.

Galgay said the property would help take care of the city's need for more office space.

"The city obviously is growing and so is our employment base at City Hall, so space is becoming a little bit of a challenge," he said.

"This property here would certainly serve in the best interest of ensuring that our staffing component has a place to go."

Galgay said the city may move employees into the space, or use the building as a community centre.

Council is expected to vote on the expropriation at Monday's meeting.