St. John's man found guilty in connection with home invasion

30-year-old Jordan Cook was found guilty Wednesday on charges related to a St. John's home invasion.

Cook has 15-page criminal record

A very drunk Jordan Cook caused a ruckus at a house on Cowperthwaite Court in St. John's.

A St. John's man with a 15-page criminal record was found guilty Wednesday on charges related to a home invasion.

The court was told that, during the early morning hours of May 7, a very drunk Jordan Cook went to a house on Cowperthwaite Court in St. John's.

Cook stood outside the house shouting. When there was no response, he knocked on the door several times. The door was unlocked, so he stepped inside.

A girl was on the first floor. Cook told her that he had met a woman who told him to drop by the residence anytime. He then asked the girl if she'd like to party with him.

After noticing a knife in Cook's pocket, the girl ran upstairs to get her father. Cook followed.

Words were exchanged, and Cook pulled out a hunting knife.

The man and his daughter went into a bedroom and closed the door. Cook pounded on the door so hard he damaged it.

The commotion caused the man's other daughter to get out of bed. The father came out of the bedroom again, confronting Cook.

Cook was described as shifting from being 'calm' to 'volatile.'

Eventually the family got him to go downstairs, gave him some cigarettes and he left. When Cook was picked up by police, he resisted arrest.

After that incident, Cook was released on conditions.

Then early on June 15, he approached a woman outside a drugstore on Topsail Road.

He wanted her to go with him, but she didn't want to have anything to do with him and headed home. Cook followed her. 

The woman went inside her house and, through a window, told Cook to leave. He didn't.

The police were called, and Cook was arrested — again he had a knife. 

In a provincial court Wednesday, Cook was found guilty of a number of offences including unlawfully being in a dwelling house, assault, uttering threats, resisting arrest and prowling at night. 

He will be sentenced next week.