Nick Gardias was sentenced in St. John's on Monday. ((Facebook))

A man is going to jail for his part in a theft at a jewelry store in St. John's last year.

Nick Gardias, 23, of St. John's, and another man used asphalt in a sock to smash the jewelry counters at Timeco on Water Street on Nov. 19.

The owner's son caught Gardias as he fled.

Gardias pleaded guilty to theft charges earlier.

On Monday, he was sentenced to 20 months in jail, which means he'll serve six more months after the judge gave him double credit for the time he's already spent in custody.

Defence lawyer Bob Simmonds said Gardias committed the theft to try to feed his dependence on narcotics.

"His addictions are the fundamental cause of this very wayward behavior. He has to realize that he has an addictions problem and he has to deal with it," Simmonds said.

"The court, and I think Judge Spracklin, made it very clear, [Gardias] is getting one last chance. Hopefully, we'll never see him back in this place again."

A psychologist told the judge that Gardias easily gets angry but he can beat his problems if he wants to.

Gardias apologized on Monday, and told the court that he's truly embarrassed about the crime he committed.