Mother Nature is playing an April Fools' joke on much of Newfoundland with a spring storm, but not everyone is feeling blue.

A group of people living in the St. John's area filmed their own take on a top 40 hit, and posted a video of their dance moves.

Jerry Joy put together a video of his friends and family dancing along to Pharrell Williams's hit song Happy, and posted it online this week.

He said when he first heard the song, he felt inspired to do his own interpretation.

"I am personally an ambassador of happiness, and I want to be happy all the time and I wanted to spread a little bit of happiness to everyone surrounding me. And when I heard the Happy song from Pharrell Williams the first time, I was like oh, this song is so beautiful — it just lifts your mood," Joy said.

The dancers featured in the video are newcomers to Newfoundland, all coming from the same southern Indian state of Kerala.

Joy, who works as an engineer in St. John's, said everyone he contacted was game for the project.

"I just sent this idea to all my crazy friends here, and they were all like, 'Yes b'y, let's do it!'" he said.

Mini Jayasankar, one of the dancers in the video, said the video has been sent to family and friends right across the globe.

"We have sent it to friends and we have sent it to all parts of India and all parts of the world where we have friends," she said.

"They have shared it because they liked it so much, and they feel that we are so happy here even though we are away from the family."

Even with the spring snow storm hitting much of the island on Tuesday, Joy said his spirits are still high.

"Why not? I feel very happy because it's a snow day, my office is closed, I have all food at home, I'm with my wife and kids — I'm very happy," he said.