St. John's and surrounding areas are dealing with flooding today, following heavy rain and temperatures as high as 9 C

The city has put sidewalk clearing on hold. Officials said the priority is on widening streets and removing snow from the downtown area so emergency vehicles can get around. 

Tuesday's rain has come after days of frigid temperatures and heavy snowfalls, which plugged many drainage areas that would normally accommodate excess water.

"Once this freezes over, it's going to be treacherous," said CBC reporter Todd O'Brien as he surveyed water-filled roads in St. John's. 

Temperatures are expected to plunge below freezing on Tuesday evening.  

St. John's flooding

St. John's streets flooded on Tuesday after heavy rain and high temparatures melted a heavy snow cover (Tood O'Brien/CBC)

Dennis Viau of Hubley's Plumbing advised city residents to be prepared. 

"Check their sump pumps, if they have them, see if they're working and plugged in.  Try to find out, make sure you know where the main valve is," said Hubley. 

"If you do have a leak, shut the main off to prevent any further damage.  And just keep the heat on, if you have freeze-ups from before. Just keep the water trickling."