The mayor of St. John's said the city will be targeting neighourhoods in the city to bring down the number of cats roaming free.

Dennis O'Keefe said there have been a lot of complaints coming into the city about cats wandering through people's property at will.

He said post cards have been sent out to certain areas to remind pet owners that according to city rules, cats are not permitted to roam free.

"We emphasize that this is not only about the control of the cat population and stopping the roaming, but it's about the health and welfare of the cats, also," O'Keefe said.

"And so we're pointing that out to people that if you have a pet, and the pet happens to be a cat, then you should take care of that particular pet. Just like if it was your dog you shouldn't have it out roaming the neighbourhoods for its own good, as well as for the peace of mind of those in a neighbourhood who don't want cats in and around their property."

According to O'Keefe, the city has set some traps out in specific areas to catch the free-roaming felines.

"We don't just set the traps randomly, we target areas where there is a problem and if the animal, if the cat is trapped and taken to our impound area, then the owner will be charged a fee when they come to get the animal back," he said.

"If the cat, in this case, is not claimed, then the cat would be put up for adoption."

According to the city, there are approximately 14,000 cats in St. John's and fewer than 13,000 dogs.