One St. John’s city councillor wants security cameras installed to keep an eye on every city-owned property.

Coun. Frank Galgay says surveillance is the key to public safety and reducing vandalism.

He says the city already has security cameras at seven locations, including City Hall, but Galgay says that's just a start.


Coun. Frank Galgay is advocating the installation of more surveillance cameras to watch over city-owned properties. ((CBC))

"Ultimately the goal will be to have them in all our buildings and on all our property," Galgay said.

But City Hall is not the only downtown property to be subjected to surveillance.

Last spring, the RNC installed a dozen security cameras along the popular George Street bar strip.

And Seamus O'Keefe, executive director of the George Street Association, says they're working.

"There is a sense of comfort to our patrons that do come to George Street," O’Keefe said.

Galgay, meanwhile, says cameras are a good investment, but an expensive one — at least $50,000 to install them in the City Hall parking lot alone.

He says they will be added at other sites based on need.