When St. John's taxi driver Joe White became a victim of someone else's bad driving, he wanted others to see the driving that he encounters during every shift.

"I had an accident maybe three years ago ... a guy tore the side out of my taxi and refused to take responsibility for his actions," said White. 

White eventually won the case, but he wanted to ensure that if an accident occurred again, he would have it documented.

Co-op Taxi driver Joe White

With more vehicles travelling on roads every year, Co-op Taxi driver Joe White is convinced that cameras are now an essential part of his job. (CBC)

White installed a video camera in his cab and started rolling — and after a little more than six months, he's filmed a plethora of of near-misses and many examples of drivers blatantly breaking the law.

"I got the camera and it's rolling. You see all these little incidents – so why not record them?"

Between U-turns, illegal passing and speeding, White said the incidents started piling up quickly.

"There was a City Wide taxi ahead of me, and this guy came, he had a red light  and he just sailed on through it.  I mean he would have plowed into both of us."

White said in another incident, he was trying to pass on the Manuel's Access Road.

"I was only in that lane a couple of seconds and this truck came down and zig-zagged between the two of us. I saw in my rear-view mirror, he was travelling in excess of 200 km an hour."

Joe White's dash cam

Cabbie Joe White installed a camera so he could record the driving he encounters every day. White says he has "seen it all." (CBC)

With more vehicles travelling on roads every year, White is convinced that the cameras are now an essential part of his job.

White said other cabbies have caught on to his idea. 

"I was the first one to have one here on the stand. I think we probably have four or five taxis now who have the same thing. And one of our taxi brokers is after using it already to make a claim with the insurance company when the person who ran into them wouldn't take responsibility for their actions."