St. John's businessman getting house arrest

Businessman James Kelloway is getting house arrest for his role in thefts from construction sites.
James Kelloway. CBC

A St. John's businessman is getting house arrest for his role in thefts from construction sites.

James Kelloway pleaded guilty on Thursday to nine charges of possessing stolen property taken from sites on the northeast Avalon.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary arrested Kelloway in 2011.

Police said Kelloway was buying goods from Robert Dyer and Trevor Doyle, who were stealing materials from houses that were under construction in St. John's and Paradise.

Stolen items include nail guns, power saws and hardwood flooring.

Kelloway got caught because of a four-month police investigation. The Constabulary put a tracking device on the truck that Dyer and Doyle were using, eventually leading them to Kelloway, who was their buyer.

Much of the stolen property has been returned to its rightful owner. However some hardwood flooring, building stones, tires and a steel door were not located.

Crown Prosecutor Jennifer Colford asked that Kelloway get four months house arrest, and 12 months probation. Judge Colin Flynn agreed.

Kelloway's sentence was much less than the other two received - in September, Dyer was sentenced to three years in prison. Doyle was given 40 months.