A K-12 school on the Northern Peninsula that was slated to open for the beginning of the school year has been delayed until the end of October.

The provincial government set aside $18.7 million for White Hills Academy in St. Anthony in the 2010 budget.

Brook Construction Incorporated was awarded the tender, and construction began on the school in 2011.

The director of education for the Western School District, Ross Elliott, said there are several factors that have led to the delay.

"In some cases there has been difficulty in getting certain kinds of materials, some materials have arrived damaged, some lighting was sent incorrectly to Ontario," Elliott said.

Elliott added that a sub-contractor went insolvent part way through the school's construction and that there was a shortage of mason workers.

"The work won't take two months to do but once everything is complete, there has to be time for the testing of systems , for what we call 'commissioning' and of course to move all the resources and everything into the school," Elliott said.

Students will attend the two existing schools in St. Anthony until the new school is ready.