A woman from Springdale who was a surrogate mother for a couple from Ontario says she has no regrets about the process.

In fact, Soraya Grothe says she and the couple she helped have become as close as family.

Grothe brought Liam Remedios into the world on March 2 for Taryn and Clayton Remedios.

"I tell everyone, it's probably one of the most amazing things I'll ever do in my life," Grothe said.

She met the Remedios couple on a surrogacy website months before agreeing to become the surrogate mother of their child.

Grothe said when she met the Ajax, Ont., couple, there was an instant connection between the three of them — one that has grown since the child was born.

"It's almost like family. We're really close, we talk, say hi, they call and wish happy Thanksgiving or whatever," she said.

"It's definitely a bond that's been created, I think, for life."

Grothe has already made two trips to Ontario to visit the Remedios family, and has another trip planned for March to celebrate Liam's first birthday.