A home on Prescott Street in St. John's inspired a local art student to recreate the house in an unconventional medium — by making a smaller, knitted version of her beloved home.

Mary Decker, a textile arts student at College of the North Atlantic, showcased her creation during the Knit Fast Dye Yarn exhibition at the Anna Templeton Centre.

She said the overall feel of the house itself inspired her piece.

"Prescott has had a lot of different people live in it over the years but it’s a really homey, very quaint, full of art and random items. Currently there’s an anvil hanging from the ceiling for some reason. It’s just always a very comfortable, welcoming space," said Decker.

Decker said the collective experiences of people who have lived at the house have inspired art for a lot of different residents over the years.

"The Prescott stories were, some of them were heartbreaking and some of them were joyful, and some of them were curious, and it sort of just is this house, you know, it's such a mishmash of things," she said.

"A lot of crazy stories have happened; there are stories of bricks being thrown in the window, gaunt figures dressed in black roaming through the house randomly, and people falling in love and people getting kicked out of house shows and people’s beds falling off the wall, things like that."

CBC's Donaldson intern Salima Punjani lived in the house for her five weeks working in St. John's, and spoke with Decker and some of her roommates about their fondest memories of the Prescott home.